Voujon Orsett
Royal Banquet

The Royal Banquet - £59.95 per person - advance booking only and is available everyday

Minimum 2 persons
To maximise your dining experience, the same banquet must be ordered by each diner at your table

A portion of every item will be served

Welcome drink
Glass of wine of your choice

Served with mango chutney, mint sauce and spiced onions.

All appetisers are served with two contrasting chutneys; mint, sweet bell pepper and are served on a bed of fresh green Salad

Murgh Malai Tikka
Morsels of boneless chicken breast marinated overnight with soft cream cheese, mace, cardamom powder and
finely chopped green chili, finished in the tandoor.

Chicken Tikka
The finest pieces of boneless chicken breast marinated overnight in fresh yoghurt, ginger, garlic, gharam masala, chili
powder, fenugreek and lemon juice, seared in the tandoor.

The traditional skewer of finely minced lamb delicately flavoured with ginger,garlic, green
chili and fresh coriander creating an extraordinary play of aromas.

Fish Amritsari
Succulent chunks of cod delicately spiced, served in a crisp coating of ajwain and gram flour.

Tandoori Jhinga
King prawns marinated in mace, cardamom, lemon juice, ginger and garlic then cooked on the sigri until tender and golden.

Vegetable Samosa
Crisp savoury pastries stuffed with seasonal vegetables.

Vegetable Pakora
Crisp nuggets of onion, seasonal vegetables and spices delicately coated in batter and deep fried.

Tandoori Salmon
Mouthwatering fillets of Scottish pink salmon bathed in a rich marinade of dill, fennel, ginger and
a trace of mustard oil, chargrilled in the tandoor and served with sweet chili sauce.

Main Courses
Butter Chicken
Tikka of chicken simmered in a smooth buttery tomato gravy, made with juices of the roasted meat
and redolent of kasoori fenugreek.

Chicken Chettinad
Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in coconut powder mixed with star
anise, red chilli, black peppercorn and curry leaves; a spicy dish playing
homage to the flavours of Southern India

Lamb Roganjosh
The finest lamb chunks cooked on a slow fire with finely chopped onions, tomatoes
mace and star anise, enriched with whole spices and saffron. An example of traditional
Kashmiri cooking.

Banjari Gosht
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a spiced gravy of onions and tomatoes, flavoured with
onion seeds, cumin and garnished with sauteed onions; a famous dish from Rajasthan.

Tikhey Jhinghey
King prawns cooked in a tomato and onion masala with mixed peppers, spring onions
and coriander.

Chana Masala
A warming dish of chickpeas cooked slowly with onions, garlic and traditional spices in a rich masala sauce.

Bombay Aloo
Potatoes cooked with onions, tomatoes, garlic and ginger in a tangy sauce.

Daal Makhani
The finest black lentils cooked overnight on a slow fire in the tandoor, mixed with ginger, garlic, fresh tomato puree
and a touch of fresh cream.

Pulao Basmati Rice
Aromatic basmati rice cooked with cumin, caromom and cinnamon; the perfect companion to any meal.

Assorted Naans
A selection of garlic & coriander and plain naan bread.

Any dessert from our a la carte menu

Coffee or Tea

Complementary drinks

Take awayCollectionTake away

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